Philosophy & Differentiators

1. Heart In Heaven is a kingdom-building model for leveraged giving. It is also a Living Backward Initiative for joyous living—based on Living Backward, the published title by our founder (may be accessed through "Resources").

2. Heart In Heaven is committed to discipling and providing biblical stewardship towards helping people to become generous givers. There exists a critical need for us to understand and embrace that we own nothing—God owns it all (Psalm 24:1: 50:12; 1 Chronicles 29:12). The more we understand biblical stewardship, the more we put the resources God has entrusted to us at His disposal, and the more generous we become. It is our hope and prayer that God would supernaturally use this generosity to help alleviate more and more of the spiritual and physical poverty in the world. 

3. Following the biblical precedent found in both the Old and New Testaments, we are committed to the simultaneous alleviation of spiritual and physical poverty in developing countries.

4. To the end of achieving this goal, we only partner with global organizations that are addressing both spiritual and physical poverty.

5. We endeavor to put our focus in places where Christ is known least. 

6. Our commitment is to support global organizations which partner with and work alongside local organizations—primarily the local church—that are knowledgeable about what is actually needed in a community to effect sustainable change.

7. We recognize global organizations need ample resources in order to flourish in the vision and work to which God has called them. We desire to be God's conduits to consistently and generously provide these resources.

8. A key feature is that in times of acute crises or emergencies (due to any number of factors or causes), the platform allows us the option to be strategic in allocating funds (by consensus) based upon the greatest need. In this manner, contributions targeted towards a specific need can be vital and have a significantly greater impact on lives.

9. Figuratively speaking, we may bring the "water of life" in a glass to a people group, but we seek to give them just the water, not the glass. In other words, we desire for people to understand biblical truths and assimilate the core doctrines of the Christian faith, but also give them the freedom to walk out their faith in their cultural context—in ways that are appropriate and restorative and relevant to them. In other words, bring or give the water but dispense of the glass; allow them to put the water in whatever cultural container works best for them.

10. Therefore, in light of the immediate above, we believe equipped local churches, as "the pillar and bulwark of the truth" (1 Timothy 3:15), are in the best position—a grassroots position—to disseminate information and administer resources; to teach biblical principles in order to influence mindsets, behaviors, and attitudes; and to significantly change people's lives by giving them hope through the person of Jesus Christ. This gift truly empowers them to live as God intends, to grow into who God designed them to be, to thrive, and finally, to effect lasting transformation in their lives.

11. Heart In Heaven's platform is nicely summed up in this acrostic:

G — glorify God through grateful generosity
I —  invest to rescue people from suffering
V — vie for soul-stirring joy
E — enrich your eternal future