The door of hope—to opportunities and possibilities that unlock human potential—swings on the hinges of education. ~ ACM

Liberia's Plight

Liberia has endured fourteen years of war, political turmoil, disease outbreaks like Ebola, and a lack of resources, resulting in severe damage to its infrastructure and a staggering unemployment rate of 70%. Material poverty is rampant, with over 60% of the population under 25 lacking education and job skills. Government instability hinders foreign investment, exacerbating the employment crisis. Basic necessities like clean water, electricity, and shelter are scarce, especially for children, who suffer disproportionately from the country's economic woes. Many are orphaned or forced to support younger siblings, leading to involvement in dangerous activities like prostitution and drug abuse. These children endure unimaginable hardships, highlighting the urgent need for assistance.

Our goal is to raise awareness and garner support to help Liberia overcome these challenges. We need a community of generous donors to ignite hope and help Liberians carve a path forward.

A Viable Solution

According to global poverty alleviation experts, entrepreneurship is the pathway out of poverty. Data and best practices confirm that the most effective way to address material and spiritual poverty is through employment opportunities and discipleship training. Our objective is to invest significantly in the lives of Liberians to break the cycle of poverty and unemployment. While we provide immediate relief as needed, our long-term goal is national development, aiming to uplift Liberians from poverty, joblessness, and despair. We want to empower Liberians by injecting dignity, unlocking their entrepreneurial spirit and potential, and helping them realize their dreams of providing for their families and shaping their futures.

Your support will enable us to address the obstacles they face, facilitating spiritual discipleship and providing access to educational opportunities for sustainable growth and job acquisition. We invite you to partner with us to help Liberians help themselves.

We Are
Delivering HOPE

Heart In Heaven - Launch Liberia is dedicated to transforming the dire living conditions of Liberians by providing HOPE. Through our Hope Rising Initiative, we operate three synergistic programs: microfinance opportunities, cutting-edge educational tools, and vocational training. These initiatives empower individuals to renovate their lives and break the cycle of poverty gripping Liberia.

Seeing how God has woven these three economic threads to create a cohesive fabric to restore hope is remarkable. It's equally exciting that these programs cater to all demographics, from school-age children to young adults and mature individuals. We aim to see Liberians of all ages become catalysts for positive change for a better Liberia tomorrow.



The Synergy of Three


Cutting-Edge Educational Technology

Vocational Training Program


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We Are Delivering HOPE!!