The door of hope—to opportunities and possibilities that unlock human potential—swings on the hinges of education. 

~Angelique McGlotten

Liberia's Plight

In the aftermath of 14 years of civil war..., poverty, disease, Ebola, and lack of available resources have ravaged the West African country of Liberia, destroying the fabric of the country's infrastructure. With a staggering unemployment rate of 7 in 10 people, the country's economy has been all but decimated. More than 60% of the population is comprised of those under the age of 25, who lack education and trade or technical skills for gainful employment. Government instability greatly discourages foreign investment, which compounds the shortage of employment opportunities.

Like most developing countries, so many people do not have access to clean, potable water, electricity, or even shelter. As is typical, children bear the greatest brunt of a country's economic downturn. With respect to Liberia, not only have countless children lost their parents in the aftermath of war, but many are needlessly dying from treatable and preventable diseases. In the absence of parental nurture, many youth are forced to carry the responsibility of providing for younger siblings. As a result, many have become involved with prostitution and illicit drugs as a means to survive. A great percentage of these children live in unthinkable conditions and suffer hardships beyond what we in the West can conceive or comprehend.

My heart is shattered for Liberia. My goal is to raise awareness of the deplorable conditions in my home country, in the hope that others will be moved by compassion to help the Liberian people carve a path forward. All financial support comes solely from the gifts of our generous donors to make a difference in Liberia.

A Viable Solution

According to the experts on global poverty alleviation, entrepreneurship is the pathway out of poverty. Data results and best practices show that the most effective and enduring ways to address physical and spiritual poverty are to provide employment and economic development, in conjunction with discipleship training.

Therefore, our objective is to meaningfully invest in the lives of Liberians—to counter the raging cycle of poverty and joblessness. We do seek to provide immediate relief, as is necessary. But our long term goal is national development. Our desire is to help lift Liberians out of poverty, joblessness, hopelessness, and deplorable living conditions.

We aim to inject dignity and respect by unlocking Liberians' entrepreneurial spirit and enterprising potential. Our sustainable approach is to help make their dreams and aspirations to provide for their families a reality, by encouraging and inviting them to use their God-given gifts and abilities. To tap into their creative capacities and all the resources at their disposal.

God is continually moving upon hearts to make a difference. Your gift to Heart In Heaven's "Launch Liberia - Help Liberians Help Themselves" Initiative will enable us to begin to holistically tackle the many obstacles and barriers Liberians face to live as productive citizens of society and to thrive in all aspects of life: spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Prominent in this effort are spiritual discipleship and access to educational opportunities for sustainable learning, growth, and job acquisition.

We Are Delivering HOPE!!