“Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal, but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal.
For where your treasure is,
there your heart will be also.

Matthew 6:19-21


Heart In Heaven exists to provide a seamless and diversified giving experience that empowers our community of generous givers to amplify the reach of their monthly charitable contributions.

By pooling resources and distributing them equitably among trusted organizations on our platform, donors can collectively impact more vulnerable and marginalized people globally, achieving results beyond what they could accomplish individually. 


Our vision is to cultivate a culture of biblical stewardship, igniting hearts with a profound sense of generosity and compassion. Our dedicated efforts aim to rescue souls from eternal suffering, uplift the downtrodden, and transform lives with hope, love, and dignity.

News - Hunger Hurts!

'Fuel First' is one of Launch Liberia's first initiatives to address a pressing need at Champion Academy. It's hard to imagine, but the students in this impoverished community come to school hungry and go through the school day without a meal (or clean drinking water!). Many are orphans, or their parents don't have any income due to Liberia's 80% unemployment rate.

How can children focus and learn when their bellies are growling from hunger?! It takes $1000 monthly (20 school days) to supply school lunches for approximately 100 students. Only $50 a day enables us to feed each student. We pray God touches the hearts of many to help us achieve this goal.

Update - Igniting Hope!

In collaboration with Peachtree United Methodist Church and Red Meets Green (two other US-based organizations), Heart In Heaven sponsored a three-day Chalmers Savings and Credit Association (SCA) training in Liberia, West Africa. All three organizations subscribe to the philosophy of helping without hurting Liberians

This impactful training, "Restore," was held February 14-16 at ELWA in Paynesville. Participating were 47 church facilitators representing several counties in Liberia. We awarded certificates at the end of the training amid cheers and excitement. The church facilitators—equipped and undergirded with prayer—are returning to their respective churches to facilitate savings groups. 

However, we pray this training spawns hundreds of other savings groups throughout Liberia. They are, in a word, life-transforming! In a savings group, people gather weekly to worship, study God's Word, pray, and grow in community with each other. Each member contributes a small amount of money to the group every week. With the money they save together, members can invest in their businesses, pay for healthcare, purchase necessities for their families, etc. 

This ministry strengthens local churches and communities. With thousands worldwide, savings groups are helping people in extreme poverty weather the storms of life. They are also excellent tools for promoting evangelism and discipleship. We are excited to see how God uses these savings groups to bring forth a harvest of hope and blessings for the people of Liberia!

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Are You Generous?
Do The Poor Tug On Your Heart?
What If Your Monthly Charitable Giving Could
Benefit 20 Ministries, Not Just 1 or 2?

Intrigued by the last question? Let us explain. Suppose you had a monthly charitable donation budget of $40. Now let's say you have two options. The first is to put it all into one "basket" to help vulnerable children. In this scenario, you would have given $480 to a single organization after a year. 

That's great, but we believe this platform helps you achieve much more!

Imagine there are 20 different "baskets." Each of these "baskets" (including the first) represents a rigorously-vetted charitable organization working with the marginalized, impoverished, and under-resourced in poor, developing countries. The second option enables you to diversify your $40 gift. After a year, you would have contributed $24 apiece to 20 different organizations. The attractiveness of this approach is that it enables you to support not only orphans but 19 other organizations providing various services such as helping widows and persecuted Christians, fighting injustice and human trafficking, providing Bible translation and dissemination, and supplying clean water, humanitarian aid, medical care, etc.

How is this incredible leverage achieved? We take the advice of the wise adage to not put all our "giving" eggs into one basket. So, we aggregate your $40 gift with all monthly gifts and evenly distribute the total across the 20 organizations on the platform. But it gets better!

Our unique platform delivers an innovative mechanism to maximize the reach of your charitable gifts to help the poor in the majority world.

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Helping The
Poor To Thrive

What Makes Us Different?

The Unique Ability
To Leverage Your Giving!

This online platform's unique strength and beauty are grounded in our desire to revolutionize our giving potential. To strategically supercharge the impact of our donations to help the poor in developing nations! Without equivocation, God will call each of us to account for how we have invested the financial resources (and everything else!) He has entrusted to us (Acts 17:31; 2 Cor. 5:10). Essentially, our collective contributions allow us to optimize the return on our individual investments to transform lives. 

By evenly distributing all monthly donations, we provide consistent financial support to the targeted organizations on the platform. All operate with integrity and excellence and have demonstrated outstanding fiscal management. Each is also on a mission to simultaneously address the spiritual and physical needs of the world's poor in developing countries.

This model exponentially increases our ability to affect meaningful change in the lives of our poor global neighbors—far beyond what we could achieve with individual donations.

Suppose generosity were a stone thrown into a lake. In that case, we don't want to make as big a splash as possible—even more, we desire to create a splash whose ripple echoes with eternal joy and blessings.
Key Benefits:

1.  Connect your giving with a dynamic model and be a part of something much bigger than yourself—God's heart is global!

2. Join a revolutionary one-stop platform that allows you to diversify your giving potential, similar to the concept of mutual funds.

3. Turbo-charge your giving capacity! All 20+ organizations on the platform receive the same percentage of your monthly financial gift. Instead of supporting only one or two organizations as you typically would, we combine your donation with the total and evenly distribute funds across all organizations. Therefore, each charity—and the poor people they support—equally benefits from your financial contribution. That's leveraged giving!

4. Meet more needs. The organizations on this online giving platform target various needs of the hopeless and poor in developing countries. Your gift provides not only clean water but also helps advance the Gospel, provide humanitarian aid, care for orphans, fight human trafficking, support bible translation and dissemination, and so on.

5. Touch more lives. Our leveraged giving model enables donors to touch virtually all categories of the "least of these," something quite challenging to achieve with individual donations.

6. Simplify the receipt of your annual tax-deductible donations statements—you receive only one.

Happiness of the poor children.
Taken in Chupah district, Gialai province Vietnam.

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