What luxuries can you
   live without to provide
  what others will
  die without?

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2 Ways To Invest To Change Lives






Heart In Heaven exists to provide a one-stop, online platform to enable you to diversify your giving potential, similar to the concept of mutual funds. This concept allows you to leverage your giving capacity. To strategically supercharge the impact of your financial gifts to help the poor in developing countries!

Our vision is to help alleviate spiritual and material poverty globally. By the innovative aggregation of financial gifts to benefit all 21 organizations on Heart In Heaven's platform (rigorously vetted for operational excellence and financial transparency & accountability), we collectively can touch and change more lives than we ever could individually. 

LAUNCH Liberia

Liberia suffers from a staggering 80% unemployment rate. 84% of Liberians live in extreme poverty. Over 70% consume only one meal a day. Two-thirds of school-age children are not in school. And adults and children die from curable diseases.

Given these dismal statistics, our other vision is to alleviate the widespread poverty in Liberia. Data results and best practices show that the most effective and enduring ways to address material and spiritual poverty are to provide employment and economic development, in conjunction with discipleship training.

Therefore, our objective is to meaningfully invest in the lives of Liberians—to counter the raging cycle of poverty and joblessness. We do seek to provide immediate relief, as is necessary. But our long-term goal is national development. We desire to help lift Liberians out of poverty, joblessness, hopelessness, and deplorable living conditions.

We are compelled to live this truth:
Generosity is a lever of love that lifts others out of dreadful circumstances.

By God's grace, your compassion and generosity will enable Heart In Heaven to 1) rescue people around the world from eternal suffering and 2) to improve the temporal lives of under-resourced millions in desperate need.