A Splash
With Eternal

Leveraged Giving

The overall concept of leveraged giving is much like mutual funds, where one invests in a single entity comprised of stocks and bonds from a variety of different companies. This creates a diversified portfolio, with one of the goals being to best maximize one's return.

Similarly, this platform is a diversified, leveraged-giving model. By collectively seeding into a number of Christ-centered organizations, we have the ability to maximize our giving capacity. But we're not just talking numbers, we're talking about lives—real people who are desperate and hurting and without hope.

For us, greater impact is tethered to greater results. Greater results translate to greater change. And greater change means more lives are transformed. So this platform allows us to touch and change significantly more lives than we ever could individually. And while doing so, we each increase the number of treasures awaiting us in Heaven.


If generosity were a stone thrown into a lake of needs, we don't just want to make as big a splash as possible—even more, we desire to create a splash whose ripple echoes with eternal joy and blessings.

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10,000 Percent Rate Of Interest!!

“Whatever good anyone does, this he will receive back from the Lord” (Ephesians 6:8).

Jesus promises an ultimate return of a "hundred times"—a 10,000 percent rate of interest that lasts forever and pays eternal dividends (Matthew 19:29).

Here’s a picture of God’s 10,000 rate of interest. Suppose I offer you $1,000 to spend today however you want? Pretty good deal, right? But suppose I give you a choice—you can either have that $1,000 today, or, if you wait one year you can have 10 million dollars—then 10 million more every year thereafter? Only a foolish person would take the $1,000 today. Yet, that’s what we mistakenly do when we settle for the hollow, fleeting things of this world, foregoing something far more valuable we could enjoy later and forever.

The Word of God instructs us to maximize our eternal gain by maximizing our generosity for the sake of causes that glorify God and rescue sinners from suffering, most especially eternal suffering. In other words, God promises to reward us and He intends for that promise to motivate us to sacrificially and generously give to and for others while we yet can. Some certain day, the window of (our lives) will close and it will be too late. 

Therefore, the money God entrusts to us is eternal investment capital. Every day gives us opportunities to buy up more shares in his kingdom and to augment and diversify our eternal portfolio. As the maxim goes, you can’t take it with you, but you can send it on ahead. 

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We are passionate about biblical stewardship because a proper understanding of and obedience to it unlocks compassion and generosity. It's a reciprocal loop: We’ve found the more we give to help the world’s lost and disadvantaged, the more our hearts are burdened for them, and the more we want to give.

When we give generously, we fulfill the command to love and serve God and to love and serve others. This heart posture brings glory to God. With Heart In Heaven's strategic approach to generosity, we all become part and parcel of a robust and productive 'life-giving vine,' with thriving offshoots that reach the poor and lost across the globe. 

For example, instead of contributing to only two or three organizations each month, with Heart In Heaven you now would spread your giving to all the organizations on the platform—each and every organization (and the people they support) would equally benefit from your financial gift. 

Say you give $25 to "Organization C" outside of Heart In Heaven, but "Organization C" happens to also be on this platform. $25 is all you would have contributed to this organization. Which is great!

However, if you were to give that same $25 through this platform, and let's say 100 other people give $25 as well, the total donated amount becomes $2,525. When that $2,525 is evenly distributed to the twenty-one organizations on the platform, "Organization C" would receive $120.00!!! Not just your smaller kind gift of $25.00. If 200 people give $25, "Organization C" would receive $240. And so on...

Do you see the incredible exponential power of this platform?! Imagine how many more lives you can be a part of touching and changing!

Generosity—Tripled Joy

It’s been said that we most resemble God when we give, because God is a Giver (John 3:16).

We are only caretakers and managers of the financial resources God has entrusted to us, not owners. He desires us to be His conduits to alleviate suffering and inequities in the world, and to help take the Gospel to the lost. Ultimately, we do this for the display of His glory and the renown of His great name.

When we give, it blesses not just one but three people—us, the recipient, and God. There’s an unparalleled joy that comes from being generous stewards of what God has entrusted to us in service to meeting the needs of others—a joy so deep and satisfying. Indeed, few things compare to that profound sense of satisfaction in knowing we've made a meaningful difference in someone's life that also delights God's heart.

We desire this deep joy—not merely for the sake of personal joy or as an end in itself, but rather, as a means to joy in Christ by joying in what brings Him joy. And which of us would say we can't use more joy? Whether we or not we realize it, giving is perhaps the best antidote to joylessness.

Because God is gracious, the blessings we receive when we give are always greater than if we had kept it.

Our aim is nicely summed up in this acrostic:

G — glorify God through grateful generosity
I — invest to rescue people from suffering
V — vie for soul-stirring joy
E — enrich your eternal future

Give Hope