Fighting poverty, fueling hope, and creating change to elevate Liberians to new heights

"It is better to light a candle
than curse the darkness." 

Why the
Launch Liberia Campaign?

A group of committed, compassionate Liberians organized this grassroots campaign with caring support from concerned friends of the country. 

As Liberians in the Diaspora, we recognize the desperate plight of our fellow Liberians in West Africa. We know our people are capable, hard-working, and resilient. Made in God's image, they have gifts and treasures to share with the world. But due to hard economic times, many Liberians feel hopeless, desperate, and beaten down.

We want to restore dignity to Liberians and see them thrive, not crushed under the weight of dismal realities such as: 

**8 out of 10 unemployed
**2/3 of school-aged children not in school—many go through the school day hungry 
**7 out of 10 Liberians consume only one meager meal a day

A better and brighter future is possible! Providing access to much-needed resources will unleash the creative and enterprising potential of Liberians and be a catalyst for lasting transformation.

To do so, we need light-bearers—like you—to bring the light of hope! 

Liberian or caring friend, for less than a dollar a day, will you help us provide the fuel to launch Liberians out of poverty and despair? 

We appreciate your support!

We believe generosity is a lever of love that lifts others out of desperate circumstances.

All Donations Are Tax-Deductible

Example of
Launching Liberians:

Expanding The Resources
Of a School in Dire Need

Champion Academy School System

Less Than A Dollar A Day
Will Keep Poverty At Bay

We Are Delivering HOPE!!!!