Do you value compassion and generosity as intrinsic attributes of a follower of Christ?

Does doing "good" that creates eternal ripples matter to you?

Is your heart moved for the tens of millions of people living in spiritual and physical poverty?

Are your decisions guided by long-term rewards in favor of short-term gains?

Do you desire to maximize the reach of your charitable gifts?

If so ... come join this tribe of generous and compassionate givers!

Heart In Heaven is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We are a grassroots online giving platform sustained solely by the generosity of our donors and partners. We offer a unique opportunity for you to amplify the impact of your financial donations, enabling them to have an exponential effect on those in need. As some of the most financially prosperous individuals in human history, we've been blessed with resources that far exceed what most of the world could imagine. We invite you to join us in what we call a 'Godventure,' as we strive to assist the most vulnerable in developing countries worldwide—the least of these with the greatest needs.

So glad YOU Are Here!

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