To New Heights

Launch Liberia Campaign

"It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness."

Poverty is a thief of hope and a destroyer of dreams. Generosity is an emissary of hope and a birther of dreams.

The Launch Liberia campaign emerged to ignite meaningful change that propels Liberians on an upward trajectory out of poverty.

We want to holistically and biblically address the brokenness, hopelessness, joblessness, and deplorable conditions Liberians continuously face:

**8 out of 10 are unemployed
**2/3 of school-aged children are not in school—many go through the school day hungry
**7 out of 10 Liberians consume only one meager meal a day

**60% of the population is under 25, in need of education and trade or technical skills for gainful employment
**Lacking quality health, adults and children die from curable diseases

Providing access to much-needed resources will save lives and empower Liberians to help themselves—unleash their creative and enterprising potential—and be a catalyst for lasting transformation.

The deficits are enormous. But if we collaborate and work together, we can help thrust the people of Liberia into a productive socioeconomic orbit. 

We launched this campaign to fight poverty, fuel hope, create change, and elevate Liberians to new heights.

And we need launchers—like you! Liberian or caring friend, will you help? By June of next year, our goal is to have raised $125,000. These funds will be used to build a multi-purpose church, school, and vocational training facility, provide daily school lunches for 400+ children, pay teacher and trainer salaries, and provide monthly electricity and internet access for two schools and two training facilities.

A better and brighter future is possible! Together, we can bring the light of hope to Liberians.

Will you help us provide the fuel to launch Liberians out of poverty and despair? For less than a dollar a day, you can equip the people of Liberia with opportunities to rebuild their fractured lives and achieve sustained progress! 

All Donations Are Tax-Deductible

We Are Delivering HOPE!!