Charitable Gift

Leverage For
Maximum Impact

An integral member of this collective aggregation and distribution of funds, you would give substantially more than just $24 to all 20 organizations. For example, if only 100 others give $40 a month, like you, the total funds distributed over the year would be $48,480. Each organization would receive an annual total of $2,424 or $202 each month—a 500% increase in your monthly giving!

With 200 donors at the same giving level as you, each organization would receive $4,824 annually and $402 monthly—a 1000% increase. Five hundred like you would raise the amount to $12,024 annually/$1,002 monthly. A thousand, $24,024 annually/$2,002 monthly.

That's powerful! And these amounts go a very long way in developing countries. With each of the 20 charities receiving a consistent monthly gift of $2,002, for example, from the generous tribe at Heart In Heaven, imagine how many more broken lives they could touch and change!!

So...which option would you choose? Would you limit your help to just one organization or pool your financial resources with like-minded donors to substantially support the work of many more charities? Assuming you want to diversify your giving and touch as many of the "least of these" as possible—to the most significant degree possible—it's a straightforward choice. 

We are compelled to live this truth:
Generosity is a lever of love that lifts others out of awful circumstances.

We invite you to join donors like you who refuse not to do anything!

Don't miss this revolutionary way to turbo-charge your giving! Become a part of this growing tribe of savvy diversifiers and compassionate givers. Our BIG hearts go out to our needy global neighbors who we want to help without hurting. 

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