A Dream Soars

For the past 17 years, God has been steadily working on my heart and changing my desires. This journey has been a process of learning to embrace Scriptural truths that, in effect, have realigned and reprioritized what I value and pursue. They have also set me on a path to be intentional about living detached from the fleeting things of this world. I’m progressively learning to embrace Colossians 3:2, which teaches, “Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth.” I’m incredibly grateful for God’s kindness and patience towards me.

One of the many things I’ve learned a great deal about is biblical stewardship. And it excites me! I’ve always loved to give and to be an instrument of God to bless others. Few things give me greater joy! But coming into a fuller understanding of biblical stewardship has given me a HUGE heart for the least of these. A big heart that, I admit, wasn't always there.

Now, I desperately desire to give freely and generously to help change lives and meet the needs of the world's billions of forgotten poor. I’m passionate about playing a role in taking the Gospel to unreached people groups who are lost in their sinful human condition. And now, more than ever, my heart is burdened for the people of my native country, Liberia. I desire to help.

In retrospect, Heart In Heaven seems to be the culmination of God merging my heart for giving with my passion for biblical stewardship. They go hand in hand. When we understand money from God’s perspective, we cannot help but be generous givers.

Being generous makes me feel like a kid with her favorite new toy. My heart is to lift others and help them soar to heights they never thought imaginable. I desperately desire to help change the course and trajectory of lives for all eternity. And I’m uber excited about this Godventure! My lifelong dream has been to raise millions of dollars to bring hope to the hopeless and light to those sitting in darkness. As we know, that hope and that light is Jesus Christ.

Will you join me in this amazing giving initiative, and bring pleasure to the heart of God as we show compassion and mercy to the least of these with the greatest needs?

Give Hope

Impassioned to be
a catalyst for change!!