Give "WATER" With Just $1 A Day 

The beautiful children in this picture are the future of Liberia. They represent roughly 1/3 of Liberia's school-aged children blessed to be learning. Due to poverty, the other 2/3 are regrettably not enrolled in school. This lamentable statistic is but one indicator of the dire circumstances in Liberia. There are many more, including an 80% jobless rate and 70% of Liberians only able to consume one meal a day. There are few jobs to be had, limited access to both education and health care, and a lack of financial resources for even the bare necessities of life. How can people function and live under such deplorable conditions?

My fellow Liberians, we can no longer just feel sorry about what is happening in our birthplace of Liberia. And we also can't rely on the government to foster needed change. We must do something ourselves! We may not be in Liberia but we, nevertheless, can help provide resources for Liberia. Critical resources that Liberians must have access to in order to carve out a better future for themselves and their families.

So we are calling on Liberians in the Diaspora to help Liberians of all ages to have access to these resources. We are also calling on anyone with a heart for Liberia's long-standing plight to participate in this critical campaign. 

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