Heart In Heaven Platform

Below is the list of the global charities that Heart In Heaven is currently supporting. For each charity listed, we have provided a brief description of the work they do. We primarily utilized Charity Navigator to vett organizations. "Charity Navigators is the world's largest and most trusted nonprofit evaluator, providing free access to data, tools, and resources to guide philanthropic decisions. They also provide the nonprofit sector's premier trust indicator." Donors can give with confidence to those organizations that "efficiently steward donations and are accountable and transparent."

Global  Charities

Humanitarian Aid

1. Medsend 
Loan repayment grants for health care professionals

2. Doctors Without Borders  Development and relief services

3. Crisis Aid International - (crisisaid.org)
Development and relief services

4. Compassion International - (compassion.org)
Development and relief services

5. Mercy Ships - (mercyships.org)
Hospital ships bring hope and healing; economic empowerment

6. Matthew 25 Ministries - (m25m.org)
International humanitarian relief supplies


1. Hope Africa International - (hopeafricakids.org)
Child sponsorship to give a child access to eternal hope found in Jesus

2. Action International - (actioninternational.org)
Help orphans rise above poverty and utilize their God-given gifts
and resources

3.  Show Hope - (showhope.org)
Care for orphans by engaging the church and reducing barriers to adoption 

4. Orphanages of Africa - N/R ( )

5. Covenant Mercies - N/R (covenantmercies.org)
Serve orphans in collaboration with indigenous local churches

Human Trafficking

1. Agape International Missions - (aimfree.org) Rescue, heal and empower survivors of trafficking

2. Free The Slaves - (freetheslaves.net)
Human trafficking, International peace, security

3. Love 146 - (love146.org)
End child trafficking and exploitation

4. Gotta Go Ministries - (gottago.cc)
Spreading the Gospel to those without a voice in persecuted Asia Clean


1. Hydrating Humanity (?) - (hydratinghumanity.org)
Providing safe water, hygiene education, and hope in developing nations

Persecuted Church

1. Voice of Martyrs (?) - (persecution.com) Serving the persecuted church through practical and spiritual assistance

Religious Material

1. Ligonier Ministries - (ligonier.org)
Religious media and broadcasting

Bible Translation

1. Wycliffe Bible Translation - (?) (wycliffe.org)
Bible translation

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National Development

1. Liberia Life Ministries (liberialifemin.org)
Exists to preach the God News of Jesus Christ, provide healthcare for children, and establish education support for all ages in Liberia, West Africa.

2. Hinds Feet Ministries (hindsfeetministries.org) - Exists to protect, educate, and equip children in Liberia for wholesome and effective lives in their communities.

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