Our Strategy

According to the experts on global poverty alleviation, entrepreneurship is the pathway out of poverty. Data results and best practices show that the most effective and enduring ways to address physical and spiritual poverty are to provide employment and economic development, in conjunction with discipleship training.

Therefore, our objective is to meaningfully invest in the lives of Liberians—to counter the raging cycle of poverty and joblessness. We do seek to provide immediate relief, as is necessary. But our long-term goal is national development.

The saying goes: "You can give a man a fish and feed him for a day, or you can teach him how to fish and feed him for a lifetime." While we don't want to just give a man a fish, the difficult tension that needs to be navigated in Liberia may be put like this: 'The Liberian people desperately want to fish—and many already know how to fish—but there is a dearth of water in which to fish.' Our approach is to partner with organizations on the ground to provide Liberians—at the very least—with access to the Gospel, clean drinking water, education, and decent medical care.

Our heart's desire is to help lift Liberians. We aim to inject dignity and respect by unlocking the people's entrepreneurial spirit and enterprising potential. Our sustainable approach is to help make their dreams and aspirations to provide for their families a reality, by encouraging and inviting them to use their God-given gifts and abilities. To tap into their creative capacities and all the resources at their disposal. 

Help Liberians Help Themselves (HLHT)

Below is a list of organizations on the ground in Liberia that Heart In Heaven is currently partnered with. These organizations have all been vetted and demonstrate integrity and good fiscal management. 

Spiritual & Economic Empowerment

1. Liberia Life Ministries 
Exists to preach the Good News of Jesus Christ, provide healthcare for children, and establish education support for all ages in Liberia, West Africa.

2. Hinds Feet Ministries
Exists to protect, educate, and equip children in Liberia for wholesome and effective lives in their communities.

3. A Church In The World 
Exists to share the truth of the Bible with those who do not know God, to equip the saints to defend the Christian worldview, and to partner with global like-minded churches with a passion for God's glory.